IberoAmerican research on information behavior (IB) lacks the visibility typical of other parts of the world, and little is known about it in countries outside the area. The objective of this paper has therefore been to analyze the way in which IberoAmerican research incorporates various theoretical references to empirical research on IB. The results point to the existence of different focuses of research in the past 10years, in the sense of a reduced empirical approach and a moderate to minimal use of theories in the design of such resear

Autores (de la FIC)
Aurora González-Teruel (principal), Carlos Avila Araujo y Martha Sabelli
Ref. bibliográfica
González‐Teruel, A., Araújo, C. A. Á., & Sabelli, M. (2022). Diffusion of theories and theoretical models in the Ibero‐American research on information behavior. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 73(4), 561-578.